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This issue is actually extremely multi-faceted and the statistics about or women to men in the church only begins to describe.

Essentially, the feminization of the church creates an atmosphere to where men are unwelcome.

but it is attraction that gets your foot in the door for women.The two main areas that I always suggest to women who do want men to “step up and lead” are: You really want to know why there are no eligible Christian masculine men?The atmosphere in the church is hostile to such men.It’s no secret that men tend to congregate around attractive women vastly upper her chances of being asked out by the few attractive men in the Church.Sure, a woman may not be able to improve her facial genetics, but a nice toned body indicates to a man that she cares about her physical appearance and that it is attractive.You need your foot in the door to even have a shot at becoming a keeper to a man.


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